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Technical visits and VIP visits

Most of Dieste’s works do not have programs for the general public, which makes it complex to establish tours and visits. To facilitate the registration of appointments for visits by professional groups accompanied by historical and technical information, the Eladio Dieste Foundation offers the service of organizing these tours. Depending on the specific interest, they may be accompanied by a guide or by specialists in architecture and engineering with extensive knowledge of Eladio Dieste’s work. In the case of personalities visiting Uruguay interested in some work, the Foundation organizes with those responsible for the properties the establishment of a tour schedule of mutual agreement.

Schedules, group capacity, travel times and authorization for records of photographs or videos, are organized taking into consideration the specific interest of the group incorporating security measures if it is a productive facility.

In each case, in addition to the technical guide, other required services are provided, such as transportation, travel assurance, translation, information on the route and digital documentation of the case or the use of drones. It is recommended to make reservations in advance for specific procedures.

Mendez, D. [MAAD]. (2020, April 15).  CHURCH OF THE WORKER CHRIST - ELADIO DIESTE.  [Video].

To take into account in the guided tours.

The size of the group will depend on the sites to visit, since each site has time specifications, visiting seasons, different costs and capacities for each case and group size. For more information and support, consult this page or request a specific proposal form the Coordination of information, Education and Services of the Foundation by email:


Once the visit is confirmed, the basic informative material on the works to be visitedand the estimated times of the visits will be sent to you by email. In case ofcancellation, once the guided tour has been confirmed, please do it with 10 workingdays in advance via email:, otherwise the reservationcannot be refunded. In this case, the Foundation will received 15% of the amountadvanced for processing costs.


  • Church of Christ the Worker. Atlantida Station. (1960)

  • Las Vegas water tank. (1958)

  • Spa City of Atlántida. 

  • Casa Dieste, Montevideo. (1963)

  • Fruit Market, current Olympic Gymnasium of Canelones. (1967)

  • Las Piedras Amphitheater.  D & M  (2015)

  • Church of San Pedro de Durazno. (1971)

  • Durazno Gym. (1975)

  • Port Deposit. (1979)

  • Summer theater. D&M (2005)

  • Malvín Church, Montevideo. (1975)

  • Bus terminal, Salto. (1974)

  • Ayui Pavilion. (1977)

  • "The seagull" (1976)

  • Termas del Dayman (1976)

  • Clouds.

Information required for guided tours.

1. Choice of route.  

We remind you that the technical focus for the work, the specialized guide and the tickets are included in the cost proposal. Other services we request that you select the services to hire in the following table, different options will be offered.

Select your services:

2. For any proposal we request the following information from the requesting Institution (college, university, ministry, embassy, company, etc.)

3. Details of the person responsible for the visit. 

4. Group data. 

5. Date.

Thank you for your interest! You will receive a message shortly!

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