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4 hours.

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DEpósito del PUerto. MOntevideo. C. Caraballo. 2014.JPG

Port Deposit.


One of the most extraordinary examples of the use of the so-called “Gause” vault. Dieste and Montañez won the competition for the construction of the new deposit after the fire of 1975. They decide to use the existing walls, reinforcing and covering themselves  externally with a new layer of bricks. There are 4,200 meters of area covered with 14 vaults with hollow industrial brick, these double curvature structures that in their development allow the entry of light by generating differentiated curves between the lower and upper part of the catenary. It is the work with the largest free light of all those built, with 50 meters. and a maximum height of 12 meters (5.50 meters of arrow and 6.50 meters of height of the supports. Its early invoice will influence experience in the construction of gyms and factories in the 80s, with a similar structural response.


Summer theater.


It is one of the most important entertainment centers in the city, both for its privileged location and for its environment and characteristic architecture. The current acoustic shell is part of the integral remodeling of the space already existing in the Rodó park since 1960. It is used the technique of armed ceramics from Dieste.

Screenshot 2021-12-07 4.08.03 AM.png
Screenshot 2021-12-07 4.16.45 AM.png

Malvín Church, Montevideo.


Unfinished work by Dieste to replace the temple of Nta. Mrs. de Lourdes still located on the same lot. Only the presbytery and the tower of the front of the presbytery, 27 meters high, can only be completed. Interesting example to observe the construction details.

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