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Church Cristo Obrero y Nuestra Señora de Lourdes. 


The small parish temple enters the World Heritage List in representation of the numerous work of the company Dieste & Montañez in Uruguay and other countries. It is located 40 km from Montevideo and has been the focus of specialist attention sinceits conclusion in the 1960s. Its aesthetic value stands out, particularly due to the effect of natural light on the brick, a dynamic element that transforms interior and exterior spaces of the work. However , as recognized by the declaration of registration , is selected for its contribution to the concept of sustainability, the church with its bell tower and baptistery, all built with exposed brick, presents attractive forms that respond to the efforts, achieving high resistance, with limited sections and minimal use of material. It is thus an emblematic example of the application of a particular construction technique, reinforced ceramics, which Dieste developed through manual calculation, before the appearance of current computers.
Here the ancient tradition of brick construction is applied, together with modern science and technology, creating new structural solutions and opening expressive possibilities for architecture. The Cristo Obrero of Atlántida church thus reflects the effort to optimize the use o and resources, ensuring the conservation and sustainability of the heritage asset.


Las Vegas, water deposit.


In the 1960s, the subdivision of rural land, to build houses required the provision of a water deposit to supply the population by gravity. The company Dieste & Montañez built at least several of these structures, both for companies and for urbanizations. It was for Dieste an experimental theme, generating multiple variations in its shape and characteristics of both the structure and the reservoir. The example of Las Vegas (Canelones) made in 1966 has a height of 27 meters, elegantly supported by a light network of reinforced brick. The reservoir designed for 123 m3 is currently unused. It is in a public park and requires restoration actions due to the oxidation of some metallic reinforcements.

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Spa town of Atlántida.


Holiday development on the banks of the Río de la Plata , started in 1911, on an area planted with eucalyptus, with the design of the spa by de engineer Juan Pedro Fabini. In January 1913 the emblematic “Atlántida Hotel” was inaugurated, and around the same time the construction of the road that linked the Las Toscas train station, today Estación Atlántida. Several historic chalets stand out, as well as emblematic buildings such as the Planeta Palace hotel and other modern constructions. Excellent bars and restaurants in addition to the coastal view, there are several small Dieste’s works in the area, some of which can be visited.

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