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Package 3

Estimated travel time:

4 hours plus required snack time. 

No availability for weekends for Technical and VIP visits.

More information and support:

Gimnasio Canelones. C. Caraballo 2015.2.JPG

Fruit Market, current Olympic Gymnasium of Canelones.


Built as a wholesale market for agricultural products designed by the architect Fernando Ferreira, it is a large structural space conceived by Dieste  four self-supporting vaults with 2,000 m2. and free light 22 meters; is completed with  flat slabs at their ends, serving as structural closure. Its height and luminosity is thanks to the slender arrow of its curvature that allows illumination on both sides. It is accompanied by a low building facing the main street for office use. It was rescued in 2015 by the Municipality of Canelones to be used as an Olympic gymnastics space.


Amphitheater of the Stones 


Work and calculation of the company Dieste & Montañez for an acoustic conca using techniques and equipment designed by DIeste. Part of the new infrastructure of this public park at the site of the battle of Las Piedras includes tours and an interpretation center.

Anfiteatro lAs Piedras. D&M. obra 2015. C. Caraballo. 2015.JPG
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