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We are a non-profit organization, created in Montevideo in 2016.

We want to spread the thought and work of the engineer Eladio Dieste nationally and internationally and particularly in education. Preserve and promote the conservation of their works and related materials.

Encourage the action of multiple national and international actors involved in the maintenance, dissemination and appreciation of its theoretical, technical and artistic legacy.

Work to include your work on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Promote education and culture through broad exchange with various academic, cultural, social and educational actors. Take actions to collect resources to fulfill its purposes.

For this it can receive donations, support and make publications, coordinate and carry out visits to the works and all kinds of similar dissemination activities. The Foundation is managed by an honorary Board of Directors, made up of five members who remain in office for two years. They can be re-elected once. The foundation is made up of the founding members and the honorary members who, based on their merits, are designated by the Board of Directors. To join the Foundation as an Associate, a written request submitted to the Board of Directors is necessary, who decides on its incorporation.


- Eladio Dieste -

life and work

- News -

On October 24 there will be a benefit dinner at the Radisson Hotel

in which we will have the presence of the SODRE Youth Orchestra.

The proceeds from said event will be used for the preparation and presentation of the Dieste File before UNESCO, in order for the Church of Atlántida to be declared a World Heritage Site.


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